What You Need To Know About Your Marietta Trees

Tree removal companies in Marietta can diagnosing a sick treeMarietta, Georgia has lots of trees, and a good number of them grow to a large size and stay healthy for years. Unfortunately, trees do get older and sometimes become diseases, and thus pose a threat to surrounding buildings and the safety of people.

If it is noticeable that the canopy of the tree is beginning to show any signs of dead wood, where the branches are dying from the tip of the branch on inward, then it might be time to check with a local tree service in Marietta to determine just what should be done.

Many things can cause this to happen other than age too, such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and insects. If left alone, the tree could become a very real hazard to anyone who is near the tree when a branch falls off or the tree itself comes down.

Such trees are very vulnerable to storms too, as their weakened branches and even the trunks themselves fall prey to high winds and rain. In many of these situations it would be appropriate to call for the best Marietta tree removal company to step in and remove the tree.

If it is determined that the proper course of action is to remove the tree, then the tree company will give you a written estimate for the removal. If the tree is dead, it is much more hazardous to remove, and could require the use of heavy equipment such as a bucket truck or a crane.

Sometimes it is possible to simply prune a diseased or damaged tree, and this is usually done from the top down. However, if the tree needs to be removed, the tree removal company will be able to take care of the problem. Sometimes it is advisable to get quotes from more than one tree removal company, and that just gives you reassurance of procedures and pricing.

Under no circumstances should the homeowner attempt to remove the tree himself, even if he has the knowledge and the equipment to do so, but that is highly doubtful. Only the top rated Tree removal companies in Marietta hire arborists who have the knowledge and experience that is required for the removal of a tree. The enormous weight of a tree precludes an amateurish attempts at a tree removal, no matter how much sense it might seem to make. One wrong move could prove to be disastrous.Marietta Tree Service examining a diseased tree

A large, dead tree in a neighborhood is simply a huge accident waiting to happen, and without trained personnel there to supervise and implement the proper procedure, it could become an exercise in futility in a short time.

Trees have a funny habit of falling the wrong way unless shored up by plenty of strong cables and ropes sometimes, particularly in a neighborhood. That is why a competent Marietta tree removal company is the best choice for anyone who thinks they need to have a tree removed.

Most tree removal companies have trained arborists on staff who can determine in advance what the best methods are for felling a tree.

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