How to Decorate My Walls

The Differences In Wallpaper Vs. Paint On My Walls

I am about to do something new for my walls in my living room. I have been debating whether I should paint my walls or use wallpaper. I know that there are advantages and disadvantages to either choice.

First of all, I have to really ask myself what kind of skills I have. I think I am a fairly neat person. If I paint, I won’t get too much paint in areas where I am not supposed to. The thing about painting is that I have to prep the walls really well. I have to fill in any holes. Then I have to prime the walls with primer. In a way, that is like painting twice.

Wallpaper is a little more forgiving when it comes to prepping my walls. I really do not have to fill in all those nail holes because the wallpaper will cover them flawlessly. I do not have to prime the walls, although I should give it a good cleaning to remove dirt and grime because wall paper will not stick to dirty wall.

Wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns, so that can add visual interest to the room. I just have to pick the right pattern, something that is not garish or bold because I like subtle patterns.

Wallpapering a wall can get tricky because I will be working with long sheets of paper with wallpaper glue in the back of it. There is a certain technique in wallpaper application that can minimize the bubbles under the paper. I’ll need to learn those tricks.

All in all, I think wallpapering is harder to do, but it will need less prep time for the walls. There are also interesting paper patterns I can use. Maybe I can combine painting with just a border for wallpapering!

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