How to Decorate My Walls

The Differences In Wallpaper Vs. Paint On My Walls

I am about to do something new for my walls in my living room. I have been debating whether I should paint my walls or use wallpaper. I know that there are advantages and disadvantages to either choice.

First of all, I have to really ask myself what kind of skills I have. I think I am a fairly neat person. If I paint, I won’t get too much paint in areas where I am not supposed to. The thing about painting is that I have to prep the walls really well. I have to fill in any holes. Then I have to prime the walls with primer. In a way, that is like painting twice.

Wallpaper is a little more forgiving when it comes to prepping my walls. I really do not have to fill in all those nail holes because the wallpaper will cover them flawlessly. I do not have to prime the walls, although I should give it a good cleaning to remove dirt and grime because wall paper will not stick to dirty wall.

Wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns, so that can add visual interest to the room. I just have to pick the right pattern, something that is not garish or bold because I like subtle patterns.

Wallpapering a wall can get tricky because I will be working with long sheets of paper with wallpaper glue in the back of it. There is a certain technique in wallpaper application that can minimize the bubbles under the paper. I’ll need to learn those tricks.

All in all, I think wallpapering is harder to do, but it will need less prep time for the walls. There are also interesting paper patterns I can use. Maybe I can combine painting with just a border for wallpapering!

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Planning Your Landscape Project

A Beginners Guide to Landscaping in Roswell

If you’ve never tackled a landscaping or garden design job before then you may not know where to start. There are some great landscaping companies in Roswell and the surrounding area which can do a professional job for you but here are a few ideas about how to get started with your plan.
1 – Make a list of what you want and what you need – do you want a vegetable garden? Do you have children who need room to run and play? Do you love to have family gatherings and need decking or a patio area? It’s all about knowing what you want from your garden or yard so that you can do it yourself or contact one of the professional Roswell landscaping companies.roswell landscaping
2 – Check out the wind and the sun patterns. If you do want a patio it will probably need to be in an area which gets a little afternoon sunshine. If you want to huddle around a fire pit you need to make sure that it will be out of the way of the whistling winds.  Take note of the sun and the wind at different times of the day and different times of the year.
3 – Start off small. Landscaping a whole garden or yard takes a lot of time and hard work. Never mind the television programs where they completely transform a back yard over the course of a weekend – they’ve got hundreds of people working behind the scenes and around the clock.  Remember that when your plants start to grow they will take up a lot more space. Allow your plan the chance to develop slowly over time
4 – Decide upon the focal point of your landscaping and work around it. Some larger gardens can have more than one focal point. These could be a sculpture, a particularly impressive shrub or tree, a water feature or something else.
5 – Be flexible and don’t be afraid to change things around if they don’t turn out as well as you’d hoped.  You will need a lot of patience; it takes time for a newly landscaped area to really flourish and for you to see the fruits of your labor (or the labor of your landscaping professional).
There are some fabulous landscaping companies in and around the Roswell area which have lots of local knowledge about the climate, the soil and which plants work well in the environment.

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